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This course explains the basics of what is involved with LEED, examining LEED Procedures, US Green Building Council, the LEED certification and accreditation process, Sustainable Sites, Water and Efficiency, Energy and Atmosphere, Building Materials and Resources, Indoor Air Quality, and the Innovation & Design Process. Upon completion of this course, students will have a thorough understanding and overview of LEED.
The word "blueprint" makes us think of white line drawings on a deep blue background showing beautiful old buildings, or ships, or historic city plans. This introductory course visits the development of blueprints within the construction industry, and shows the student what to expect in a contemporary construction drawing set, and how to understand scale and symbols in drawings. There is hands-on experience with drawing simple scaled drawings. The later lessons in this course review the place of CADD and more advanced 3-D and intelligent building modeling as "blueprints" morph in the world of e-technology.
This course is dedicated to providing students with a comprehensive and thorough understanding and knowledge of the many processes involved in the foreign buying process of real estate in New York. By taking this course, students will become familiar and knowledgeable with many areas of the foreign buying process ranging from "who is considered a foreign person and why do foreign investors purchase real estate in the U.S." to "Gain tax calculation for foreign investors."
This course will cover all aspects of leasing as it applies to office buildings and retail properties. The material will explain all the clauses of a commercial lease from a legal, operational and cost effectiveness point of view. It will provide information about the importance of drafting and administering good leases so that property managers can maximize the value of their properties. The instructor will go into depth about why certain clauses exist and how they impact the operations of a building in the short term as well as the long term. The course will also review how certain property management goals and initiatives can be achieved through specific lease strategies.
This course focuses on occupational safety and health in the work zone. Students will be able to identify precarious situations on the job, and ensure that appropriate interventions take place.
This course will examine legal requirements and physical factors that promote safe, productive, working environments. Spatial relationships, lighting, air and water quality, cleanliness, noise, and ergonomics will be analyzed. Recycling, waste management, and other sustainable practices will be reviewed. OSHA standards; equipment, product, and materials safety; risk management; emergency response and security plans; insurance; workers' compensation; and owner liability will be covered. Best practices and stories from industry leaders will be shared.
Thurs and Fri from 7pm to 10pm and Saturdays from 8:30am to 6pm